October 4 and 5: Lecture and Student Workshop with Dr. Patricio Abinales (U of Hawaii)

The UBC Philippine Studies Series
in cooperation with the Liu Institute for Global Issues,
the UBC Department of History,
St. John’s College at UBC, and UBC SCARP
invite you to two events:

Philippine History as Seen from the Sulu Archipelago
with Dr. Patricio Abinales, University of Hawaii-Manoa

Thursday, October 4, 2012 5.30-7.00pm
Multipurpose Room, Liu Institute for Global Issues

How would Philippine history look if one were standing on top of the hills of Jolo and Basilan in the Sulu Archipelago, in the southern Philippines? This lecture suggests that an enduring obstacle to calls for “national unity” lies in the difficulty in “integrating” the stories of the peripheries of the Philippine body politic, notably in Mindanao island group, of which the above-mentioned archipelagos are part. While in most of the country the gradual improvement of living standards is seen as “progress” and as evidence of the Filipino people’s unity, the south feels largely excluded from this unified march and from the national narrative.

Dr. Patricio Abinales is a distinguished Filipino historian, currently with the Asian Studies Program in the School of Pacific and Asian Studies at the University of Hawaii. He is the author of Making Mindanao: Cotabato and Davao in the Formation of the Philippine State (2000); State and Society in the Philippines (with Donna J. Amoroso, 2005); and Orthodoxy and History in the Muslim Mindanao Narrative (2010). He has also taught and conducted research at the University of the Philippines, Cornell University, Ohio University, and Kyoto University.


Student Workshop on Auto-biography, Southeast Asia, and the Philippines
with Dr. Patricio Abinales

Friday, October 05, 2012 , 1:00-3:00pm
Boardroom, Liu Institute for Global Issues, UBC

This workshop will be of interest to researchers using autobiographical writing styles and auto-ethnographic methods. Dr. Abinales will facilitate a discussion on the issues confronting academic scholars studying, researching, and writing about the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Prior to the workshop, participants are strongly encouraged to read:

  • Abinales, Patricio.“Between State and Revolution: Autobiographical Notes on Radical Scholarship during the Marcos Dictatorship.”In: Decentring & Diversifying Southeast Asian Studies: Perspectives from the Region. Beng-Lan Goh, ed. Singapore: ISEAS, 2011. READ ABINALES
  • Anderson, Benedict. Preface to Language and Power: Exploring Political Cultures in Indonesia. Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 1990. READ ANDERSON
  • Ileto, Reynaldo.“Scholarship, Society, and Politics in Three Worlds: Reflections of a Filipino Sojourner, 1965–95.” In: Decentring & Diversifying Southeast Asian Studies. 2011. READ ILETO
  • Love, Robert. Foreword and Preface to The Samahan of Papa God: Tradition and Conversion in a Tagalog Peasant Religious Movement. Manila: Anvil, 2004. READ http://pupuplatter.blogspot.ca/2005/10/blog-post.html


Coffee and snacks will be served.

We encourage you to register by emailing ubc.pss@gmail.com.

Update: Watch videos from the event

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