November 19 Talk on Medical Tourism in South Asia: Moving From Brain Drain to Brain Gain

Dr. Nir Eyal, Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School will be presenting “Medical Tourism in South Asia: Moving From Brain Drain to Brain Gain” at Green College as part of the thematic series on Public Health Law and Policy in Asia. This talk should be of interest to anyone who are interested in learning about health workers in the Philippines within a global context.

Date: Monday, November 19, 2012 between 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Location: Coach House, Green College, UBC

About the lecture: With the 2012 global turnover expected to reach $100-billion USD, medical tourism (travel across international borders to obtain health care) is rapidly expanding. India and Thailand are currently the lead global service suppliers. Unfortunately, providing health care to tourists may exacerbate the already critical shortages of health professionals in these countries’ underserved sectors—in remote rural areas and in the public sector. What can be done to improve the impact of medical tourism on health worker availability in these sectors? State regulation of medical tourism might increase prices and send tourists to competitors. International regulation and codes tend to be toothless. Nir Eyal proposes an ethical accreditation system that might improve health worker availability at an acceptable cost. Accreditation could promote global health in additional areas.

Not sure where Green College is? It’s close to the Anthropology Museum.

And if you’re curious about Green College’s thematic series on Public Health Law and Policy in Asia, check out the poster below.

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