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November 30 Deadline for Institute of Asian Research Fellows Program

Institute of Asian Research

The UBC Institute of Asian Research has an open call for applications to the Student Fellows Program for undergraduate students and graduate students. If you’re interested in policy research in Asia, you can get $1000 – $3000 research money per year. There’s three streams to choose from.

Stream 1: Global Governance and Asia – 4 positions anticipated with funding of $3000 each

  • 2K to join the G20 summit in St Petersburg in Sept 2013 with Professor Yves Tiberghien and other faculty (with official press accreditation)
  • Commitment to become student analyst under the Global Summitry Project jointly managed with Munk School at the University of Toronto – ability to publish analytical pieces, beginning in January 2013
  • 1K of research money to be freely used
  • At least one slot is reserved for a MAAPPS student

Stream 2: Open graduate Component: 8 slots of $1500 each of research money to pursue projects related to Asian contemporary policy questions broadly defined (such as environment, health, food safety, political economy, education, international relations, trade, human rights, global governance, social questions, political change, etc.)

  • Open competition
  • 2 slots reserved for MAAPPS
  • 2 slots reserved for students interested in India (or India and the world)
  • Includes 10 hours of RA support for IAR with related faculty or IAR centres
  • Remaining part is a stipend to spend on research purposes (travel, books,
  • Preferably linked to IAR clusters from 2013 on.

Stream 3: Undergraduate Component: 5 slots of 1K for Undergraduate IAR scholar fellowships. Same principle as Component 2 but with higher RA content:

  • 20 hours of RAship
  • Rest is free to spend on research (travel, books, etc.)
  • 1 slot reserved for someone interested in India

Sounds pretty good, eh? Well then, go download the call for applications.

The deadline is November 30, so get applyin’ and rep the Phils!

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