The Members

Liu Scholars (2015-2016):

Dada Docot (Phd Student, Anthropology, UBC)

Dada Docot

Interests: Film, Visual anthropology, Philippines, Migration, Japan

Affiliations: Liu Institute for Global Issues, Society for Visual Anthropology, Beyond Text Collective

I was raised in the Philippines, speaking both Filipino and the Rinconada of Camarines Sur languages. I am committed to helping strengthen Filipino communities overseas through creative and academic avenues.

Teilhard Paradela (PhD student, History, UBC)

*Co-Coordinator for AY 2015-2016*

Interests: Modern Southeast Asian History; Gender, sexuality, and performance; State power and mass culture; Performance studies

Affiliations: UBC Department of History

I was born and raised in the Philippines, moved to Canada in 1999, and became a Canadian citizen in 2005. I am writing my dissertation on how popular entertainments of the Martial Law period in the Philippines (1971 – 1981) performed the repressive and exhibitionist drives of the Marcos regime.

 May Farrales (PhD student, Geography, UBC)

*Co-Coordinator for AY 2015-2016*

Amber Heckelman (PhD student, Land & Food Systems, UBC)


3 generations in Sogod, Leyte

*Co-Coordinator for AY 2015-2016*

Interests: Food security, food sovereignty, agroecology, political ecology, environmental anthropology, climate change, Philippines, Magsasaka at Siyentipiko para Pag-Unlad ng Agrikultura (MASIPAG), food and peasant movements, and transdisciplinary research

Affiliations: Faculty of Land & Food Systems; Bullitt Foundation; Liu Institute for Global Issues; International Development Research Network (IDRN); UBC Philippine Studies Series (PSS); Vancouver Coop Radio; Philippine and United States Solidarity Organization-Seattle (PUSO); Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD);  Southeast Asia Graduate Student Network; and Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia

I believe that all forms of diversity (i.e. cultural, spiritual, ecological, epistemological, etc) are inextricably linked; and that the solutions to our world’s problems (i.e. hunger, poverty, inequality, etc) need to be as diverse and complex as the symphony of ecosystems that sustain life on this planet. I am a Filipina American. My mother is from Southern Leyte, she immigrated to the U.S. in her 20s after marrying my father, an American (with German, Scottish, and Irish ancestry) and former U.S. Navy man. Having been raised in a community rife with both the beauty of cultural diversity and tragedy of violence and poverty, I strive to support such marginalized communities and participate in the efforts to replace isolation with solidarity, and aggression with compassion.

Faculty Supporters:

Dr. Leonara Angeles, School of Community and Regional Planning

Dr. Geradline Pratt, Department of Geography

Organizing Members:

Ron Darvin (PhD student and Vanier scholar, Language and Literacy Education, UBC)

10934292_10152799353363183_797413935_nInterests: digital literacies, social class, transnationalism, applied linguistics, second language acquisition

Affiliations: American Association of Applied Linguistics

I grew up in Manila but lived in Suffolk, Chengdu and Shanghai before coming to Vancouver in 2012. Apart from being a teacher of language, literature and cultural studies at the Ateneo de Manila University for eight years, I was also a teacher trainer for the Ateneo Center for English Language Teaching and communications manager for Intel. My research focuses on examining how social class differences contribute to the development of divergent digital literacies, and how the integration of technology into schools can contribute to new, complex educational inequities. I am a volunteer teacher and mentor at John Oliver high school in East Van, where there are a great number of Generation 1.5 Filipino students. I also host Isyung Pinoy on Vancouver’s Co-op Radio’s Jeepney Café, where we discuss what it means to be Filipino in Canada, together with issues of immigration, integration and education.

Chaya Ocampo Go (Graduate student, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice, UBC)

Interests: feminist anthropology; Indigenous resistance & self-sovereignty; disaster memory studies; decolonisation projects; social justice; Sikolohiyang Pilipino; art practices

Affiliations: UBC Philippine Studies Series; UBC International Scholars Programme; SiningBayan; Kathara Society; The Yoga Pilipinas Project

I am in search of solidarities, and have been blessed to know early that I can meet myself in others, over and over again. I give thanks to the many homes, lands, and hearts that I now belong to. Ang magmahal ng dahil sa iyo.

Steffi Tad-y (BA English Literature, UBC)


Steffi is an aspiring writer, and a furious reader. She lifts up her hand in gratitude to Squamish, Tseil-Watuth, and Musqueam nations, on whose lands she is able to live, love, and do her work. She hopes to graduate from the English Literature Program on May 2016. Mabuhay!

Edsel Yu Chua (BA Anthropology, UBC)

Edsel Yu Chua

Interests: Contradictions, Playing computer games, Sustainable technology, Migration, Space, affect, and violence, Variable sum, Hugs and kisses

Affiliations: UBC Filipino Students Association, UBC Anthropology Students’ Association, UBC Philippine Studies Series, Tinig ng Masa Collective, Vancouver Co-op Radio

About Edsel, born and raised in the Philippines, moved to Canada in 2007. Presently and persistently living and working in Vancouver.


Honey Mae Caffin (Independent Studies)

Honey Mae Caffin

Interests: migration and labour, decolonizing methodologies, ecocommunity-based learning, maker culture, visual culture, permaculture, eco-technology, hyperobjects, liberation narratives and mythologies in science fiction, digital publishing,

Affiliations: Canada-Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights; Design School for Girls; UBC Philippine Studies Series

Caroline Chingcuanco (BA Political Science, UBC)

The Webmaster

Interests: Transnationalism, Immigration policies, Immigrant/migrant experiences, Migrant women’s perspectives, Indigenous movements, Speculative fiction

Affiliations: UBC Department of Political Science; UBC Philippine Studies

I’m a member of two diasporas, but I primarily consider myself Filipina-Canadian. If you’re looking for feminist sci-fi or Filipino speculative fiction, I can hook you up.

 Patrick Cruz (Graduate student, Fine Arts, University of Guelph)

Patrick Cruz

Interests: Drinking free beer, Art production, Smooth romance, Curatorial practices, Experimental cooking.

Affiliations: University of the Philippines Fine Arts; Emily Carr University of Art & Design; Clownology at Fantastic Space;

Patrick Cruz is a Filipino born artist living and working in Vancouver Canada. During the day he works at a grocery store pricing and lifting imported and local goods across the city to serve the community of Commercial Drive. At dawn Cruz paints and sculpts abject and abstracted works that reflect his experiences and memories from childhood in the Philippines. Today he takes inspiration from the chaotic system of his homeland as well as the compartmentalized living conditions in the first world. The tension of two places and the birth of meeting points is what intrigues him to further investigate the in-between, like the fake crab inside the California roll. The place being the physical, mental or spiritual, whatever it is Cruz loves to produce art constantly trying to race the speed of the capitalist machine. It is a complete mismatch although Cruz is like a dial-up modem on steroids. For private abstracted portraiture please e-mail

Dennis D. Gupa (Graduate student, Directing for Theatre, UBC)


Interests: intercultural / transnational theatre; Asian theatre; traditional and avant garde performances; poetry; Southeast Asia; Pasyon and Philippine oral traditions

Affiliations: University of the Philippines Los Baños (faculty); Asia Society Foundation Philippines (Philippines 21 Fellow); National Youth Parliament 2001 (Philippines); Theatre Centre for Children and Young People in Central and Southeastern Europe; Asian Cultural Council (grantee)

I began the inquiry of the possibility of criss-crossing cultures when I took a class in Asian Theatre at University of the Philippines. The potential of opening new discourse on social justice through creative expression was the source of this quest. This was enriched when I brought my devised theatre pieces to many communities in the Philippines, Malaysia and Cambodia. Influenced by the Southeast Asian performative traditions, I went to Indonesia to study topeng panji at Sikolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia through the Indonesian Ministry of Education, and endless nights of observing traditional master artists perform in cities and villages. Eager to understand the value of appropriating theatrical forms into the contemporary milieu, I won a grant from the Asian Cultural Council to live in New York City as a director-in-residence with the Ma-Yi Theatre Co. As a Filipino artist now living in the West I source my understanding of theatre from deep and “exoticized” Asian theatrical expressions.

Le Quy Hoa Niem (BA Political Science, SFU)


Interests: Hanging out with friends; Sports; Music

Affiliations: UBC PSS, SFU Vietnamese Student Association, UBC Vietnamese Student Society

Pusong Pinoy pero Vietnamese. I miss eating inihaw na isda at Kalayaan beach sa Palawan. Mahiyain akong tao, especially sa harap ng camera

Christine Noelle Peralta (Graduate, Department of History, UBC)

Interests: U.S Imperialism, Migration, Regulation of motherhood, Supernatural/ superstitions, Philanthropy, Medicalization

Affiliations: University of Illinois; UBC Department of History

Hello everyone! I completed my MA in History at the University of British Columbia this past fall. My MA dissertation, “Handmaids of Health” was about a small group of Filipino nurses who were sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation to receive advanced degrees in the U.S and Canada in the 1920s-1950s. With this work I hope to expand on Filipino American history by showing that there was not just pensionados and laborers kicking it in the U.S. prior to 1960, but privately sponsored migrants. I hope to expand on this work at the University of Illinois, where I will be starting my PhD. in the fall. But since no one can think about philanthropic organizations’ participation in U.S. imperialism every moment of the day, I am also working on a side project about the medicalization of monsters. I am not really concerned in proving if monsters are real or not (because they are), but more of the impulse that scientist and doctors have had throughout history to rely on “modern” medicine to rationalize people’s belief in monsters. If anyone is interested in collaborating on this, HOLLER.  Also you probably need to know that I grew up in Texas and I love puppies and kittens equally.

 Elsepth Clark (BA Anthropology, UBC)

Interests: Immigration, Softball, Science fiction, and NBA players

Affiliations: UBC Yoga Club and the Bay Area

I joined PSS to help me figure out what direction to move my life towards and to understand global issues through Filipino experiences. PSS has already made my time at UBC richer. I’m excited to learn more Tagalog! Thanks for having me.

Krystle Alarcon (Graduate, UBC School of Journalism)

Albert Badiong

Deyan Denchev

Geraldina Polanco

Lawrence Santiago

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