River River: A One Woman Play Explores Love, Loss and Lament

FILIPINO-AUSTRALIAN WRITER MERLINDA BOBIS PERFORMS HER ONE-WOMAN PLAY ADAPTED FROM HER NOVEL “FISH-HAIR WOMAN” October 25, 2013 6:30 PM UBC Chan Centre for the Performing Arts Estrella Capili, the Fish-Hair Woman, uses her twelve-metre hair to trawl corpses from the river in Iraya, a militarised village in the Philippines. It is 1987 and Total War … Continue reading

Academic Papers

Entablado: the pedagogical value of setting Philippine oral traditions on stage

By Chaya Erika Go – 4th year anthropology undergraduate The word ‘entablado’ –which in Filipino means a stage, coming from the same Spanish word which means a raised wooden platform- rings in my memory ideas relating to a school recital or concert, where students dutifully perform a well-rehearsed programme for their eager parents in the … Continue reading