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Graffiti’s Revolutionary Blessing and Street Art in the Philippines

Edsel Yu Chua, a fourth year undergraduate, wrote two essays on street art in the Philippines for an Anthropology of Media class. These were written in collaboration with StreetKonect, a non-profit dedicated to street art, and other street art organizers. Ang Biyaya ng Rebolusyong Graffiti: Graffiti’s Revolutionary Blessing by Edsel Yu Chua (4th year, UBC … Continue reading

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Photos from the Mahal Art Exhibit and an Essay by Chaya Erika Go

Introducing the Mahal Art Exhibit In his book White Love, Vicente Rafael considers the Tagalog word “mahal” as a translation for the word ‘love’. It refers to that which is dear, but also means valuable and expensive. Rafael writes that such ambiguities express love as a promise of fulfilment–and a costly one. MAHAL is an … Continue reading