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Call for Papers on Philippine Studies–Let Us Showcase Your Work!

If you have written any academic paper(s) that relate to the Philippines, we invite you to share your work with us. Undergraduate papers are also accepted. We are building an archive and we’d love to showcase you on our website! To share your brazen work and zesty ideas, please write email Chaya Go at quia.kamalayan@hotmail.com. Continue reading

Art Exhibits and Performances / Conferences

Photos from the Mahal (2) Art Exhibit and 2012 Professionals Conference

Introducing the Mahal (2) Art Exhibit In his essay Ang Pag-Ibig, Filipino revolutionary, Emilio Jacinto, writes that love is the promise of liberation and joy for a people in suffering. The Tagalog word ‘mahal’ translates into ‘love.’ It refers to that which is dear, but also means expensive. Perhaps Jacinto’s promise of fulfillment is also … Continue reading

Art Exhibits and Performances / Conferences

January 21 Events: Professional Conference+MAHAL exhibit

The UBC Kababayan Filipino Students’ Association, the UBC Philippine Studies Series, and the Liu Institue for Global Issues   present   The 2012 PROFESSIONALS CONFERENCE and the art exhibit, MAHAL: Filipino/a Explorations Across Borders Registration starts at 10:45 AM, January 21, 2012, Multipurpose Room, UBC Liu Institute for Global Issues The conference seeks to provide … Continue reading