Apr 18: Navigating academia as Filipina/o research scholars

Apr 18: Navigating academia as Filipina/o research scholars

Workshop Navigating academia as Filipina/o research scholars with Dr. Robert Diaz
 Women and Gender Studies Institute, University of Toronto This professional development workshop will focus on building the professional capacity of students engaged in research on the Philippines and the Filipina/o diaspora. The workshop is intended for graduate students seeking advice on practical skills necessary … Continue reading

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Call for Papers on Philippine Studies–Let Us Showcase Your Work!

If you have written any academic paper(s) that relate to the Philippines, we invite you to share your work with us. Undergraduate papers are also accepted. We are building an archive and we’d love to showcase you on our website! To share your brazen work and zesty ideas, please write email Chaya Go at quia.kamalayan@hotmail.com. Continue reading